• Digicert TLS/SSL Certificate
    • RapidSSL - simple site security for less. It provides base level customer confidence with the https, closed padlock and a static trust mark.
    • A range of digital certificate and trust products enable organizations of all sizes to maximize the security of their digital transactions cost-effectively.
    • The ideal solution for enterprises and large organizations. The Internet most recognized and trusted SSL brand.
  • Sectigo TLS/SSL Certificate
    • A quick, cost-efficient, and effective solution to secure online transactions, PositiveSSL certificates show your customers you’re employing best-of-breed security measures to keep their transactions and information safe.
    • SECTIGO, formerly COMODO CA, creating trust online for individuals, e-merchants, small to medium businesses.
  • SSL Types
    • It is quick and cost-efficient, really.
    • One for main domain with free 'www' coverage.
    • Organization Validation gives your website an online idenity.
    • Protect all sub at same level.
    • Stand out your buiness entity, increase conversion rate, bring in more sales.
    • One certificate for multiple domain names.
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Digicert® Secure Site Pro with EV SSL

Secure Site Pro EV TLS/SSL Certificate - Certificate with the highest brand authentication 

Secure Site Pro EV TLS/SSL certificate - Certificate with the highest brand authentication and first access to new features for comprehensive digital security and robust protection against identity-targeted attacks.

Secure Site Pro EV TLS/SSL certificate's key features & benefits. It is HIGH VALUE for money!

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate for Brand Identity Protection

Quantum-Resistant Certificate    
Easily viewable verified organization information in address bar    
Signed with RSA or ECC and Post-Quantum Cryptography    
Globally trusted, brand-new SMART Seal    
Top Priority Validation & Support    
NetSure® Protection Plan: $2,000,000 Warranty    
CT Log monitoring    
Vulnerability Assessment    
Web Application Firewall    
Malware scanner    
Unlimited server licenses

1-yr, $1169/year
2-yr, $1111/year, save 5%!
3-yr, $1091/year, save 6.7%!
4-yr, $1082/year, save 7.5%!
5-yr, $1075/year, save 8%!
6-yr, $1070/year, save 6 months!,
Fraud Check
PCI Compliance Check
Blocklists Check
Malware Scan
CT log monitoring
99.9% browser compatibility
Priority Validation & Support
Green bar & Business entity displayed
Cover www & non www
Free reissuance
Free Unlimited server license
Digicert Smart Seal(Secured™ Seal)
Post QUANTUM Crypto Ready
$2,000,000 warranty
Certificate Seal:

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