• TLS/SSL Certificate Brands
    • RapidSSL - simple site security for less. It provides basic level customer confidence with the https, closed padlock and a static trust mark.
    • A range of digital certificate and trust products enable organizations of all sizes to maximize the security of their digital transactions cost-effectively.
    • The ideal solution for enterprises and large organizations. The Internet most recognized and trusted SSL brand.
    • A quick, cost-efficient, and effective solution to build secure connection. PositiveSSL certificates show your customers you’re employing serious security measures to keep their transactions and data safe.
    • SECTIGO, formerly COMODO CA, Creating trust online for individuals, e-merchants, enterprise, with its robust SSL security.
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      How organizations best manage their certificate lifecycle?

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  • Certificate Products
    • Single Domain SSL
      One for main domain with free 'www' coverage.
    • Wildcard SSL
      Protect unlimited sub domains under main website.
    • Multi-Domain SSL
      One certificate for multiple domain names.
    • Domain Validation SSL
      It is quick and cost-efficient, really. Basic protection.
    • Organization Validation SSL
      It gives your website an online idenity. For SMBs to strengthen web trust.
    • Extended Validation SSL
      Stand out your buiness entity, protect brand and transactions.
    • Email (Client) Certificate
      Encrypt and signed email, enable two-factor authentication, and implement strong digital trust practices throughout your organization.
    • Code Signing Certificate
      Boost Software Adoption and improve customer's trust with Code Signing. Digitally sign Code across popular platforms.
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  • Site Builder
  • PKI Solutions
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Flexible plans. Industry-leading support. Now on DigiCert's trusted roots.
GeoTrust is a globally-recognized provider of TLS/SSL certificates, now powered by Digicert, the industry-leader in high-assurance website security. From GeoTrust DV SSL to True Business ID - Geotrust has the right certificate for your organization.

TLS/SSL Certificate
Validation level
Domain Validation
Domain Validation
Domain Validation
Organization Validation
Organization Validation
Organization Validation
Extended Validation
Extended Validation

Know More About GeoTrust Certificates

From GeoTrust DV SSL (QuickSSL Premium SSL) to True Business ID - GeoTrust've got the right certificate for your organization.
TLS/SSL certificates are the foundation of website security. Each certificate is validated by Digicert five-star rated support team. Choose the right certificate that will not only protect your website - but secure your brand name.

GeoTrust DV True BusinessID OV True BusinessID EV
Issuance Time Minutes 1-3 days 2-5 days
Wildcard Common Name
Multi-domain SAN(s) SSL
Wildcard SAN(s)
Highest Authentication
Brand Protection
Priority Validation
Priority Support
Security Seal Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic
Warranty $500,000 $1,250,000 $1,500,000
Malware Scan
Blocklist Checker
CT Log Monitoring
Vulnerability Assessment
Highest-rated service & support
New Premium Features Access
PCI Compliance
Mobile Compatibility
IDN Supported
Multi-Year Consecutive Protection
Technical Specification
X.509 Standard Format
Symmetric 256-bit Encryption
Unlimited Server License
Public Key Encryption
(2048-bit, 3072-bit, 4096-bit)
ECC public-key cryptography
(256 and 384)
SHA-2 algorithm
(Hash:256, 384, 512)
Free reissues
Post-Quantum Cryptographic
Online Certificate Status Protocol

Looking for higher-level types of TLS/SSL certificate

Secure Site Pro OV

Ideal for non-ecommerce organization (or) business website, medium corporation network, public-facing websites that doesn't deal with transactions.

As low as $871/Yr

Secure Site EV

Ideal for E-commerce organization (or) business website, large corporation network, banking, financial, insurance websites and applications.

As low as $825/Yr

The Benefits Of Multi-Year Plan

More Years,
More Savings!

Consistent Protection
No warning interruption!

Simplied Validation & Installation

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